Benefits of .uk

Tuesday, 12 May 2015 05:54 Misc

Remember that you aren't turning off your, as it will always be active. If done right (which it will be by us) your visitors who mistakenly type in the older version will transfer without knowing it to the .uk version of your site.

All you are doing is using the .uk of your site as your primary option. When we help you migrate to .uk, you will therefore be getting all the benefits of the plus the benefits of the .uk - so it isn't really v .uk. It's much better than that, it is: v ( + .uk)
Other Benefits
The radio test - .uk is easier on the ear than when heard in an advert or spoken out verbally in conversation. Of course most people will have now become accustomed to and won't really hear it in the same way as someone who hasn't heard it before.
As others start to use .uk and adverts start to include .uk in conversations, it will become apparent just how strange the .co added to something really is. Granted, a lot of people won't realize how strange it sounds until they look back in a few years and wonder why websites were ever using the .co 
There are several key areas to branding and selling your brand. One big key to branding is "standing out from the crowd". Moving to .uk early and before your competitors do will set you out from the rest. 
It also shows that your business is modern and thinking ahead of your slower competition that are adverse to adopting and embracing change. Businesses will pay tens of millions in saying to customers "we are modern" - .uk says that about your business on its own and for a fraction of the price. 
From our research to uk businesses on the impact of redirecting to .uk - some of those who were most positive were the respondents with a background in branding. Some of the reasons stated that UK was a brand on its own and that the .co being attached to it took some of that brand away. 
No loss of traffic
As more visitors become aware of sites using .uk - more and more of them will start to type in .uk automatically into their browser without thinking about it, it will become instinctive. 
For those who don't make the switch, their customers who type in will be met with a blank error page. They may then think your site is offline and head elsewhere.
For those that upgrade through us, we will not only capture your .uk visitors but also redirect automatically to those who type in the old by mistake. Upgrading equals zero risk in loss of traffic or emails.