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Upgrade Process

Friday, 15 May 2015 03:14 Misc

We don't want to give away a step by step guide of things that are needed to be done in order to upgrade a site because we have spent months perfecting and refining it. This means that when we come to do your site - after months of testing on our sites - you can benefit from that testing without any of the downsides  such as a drop in traffic or penalties in Google. We will however give a very general step by step guide in order for you to have a glimpse at the process

Step 1 - Deciding to upgrade
For 95% of customers it will be right to upgrade and have that upgrade performed by was.co.uk. There are some however that we don't feel should upgrade, don't feel should upgrade yet, or are too big for us to want to upgrade - sites such as Asda.co.uk etc we wouldn't want to get involved in.
Deciding to upgrade is quite easy, you can speak to one of our team. We offer a free consultation for you to talk through the options and come to a decision that is in the best interests of you.
We have enough business, there are 4 million sites to upgrade and we value our reputation more than that one site we could attract by misselling our services.
Step 2 - Purchasing 
Our services can be ordered over the phone or online. Our checkout process is quick and should take no longer than around 5 minutes to complete online. We don't ask for a lot of details at this point, we will arrange to give you a call back at a appropriate time - usually 2 working hours. 
Step 3 - Gathering information
Our tech team will gather some details from you, make sure that you are happy with everything they are going to do and book in a time for the upgrade.
Step 4 - The upgrade
99% of the upgrade is done our end before any changes are made to the live server. When we come to upgrade the site, we will click a few buttons at our end and the switch over will be instantaneous. At no point will your site be offline.
Step 5 - Post upgrade checks
We aren't just going to dump you at the side of the road after we have done the upgrade. We will monitor the site for a period of time and make a post upgrade phone call to make sure you are happy and like the new changes, sort out any problems etc.
Our aim is to provide the best possible service for your upgrade.

Free Hosting

Friday, 15 May 2015 02:14 Misc
We include with our upgrade package £150's worth of free hosting for the first hear. We don't have a preference about whether or not new customers choose to move their hosting to us or not. We have servers that run on both Windows and Linux.
There are many benefits to moving your website to our data centre. We have a long history of running our own servers. We provide 24 hour support and based right here in the UK. The servers are all less than a year old and more than capable of handling websites that we are currently upgrading. 
On the other hand our customers don't even need to move their sites onto our server if for any reason they prefer not to. We can complete the upgrade using the server they are presently operating from. 
The cost of moving the server ip's included in the £199 fee for upgrading to .uk. The offer includes unlimited data - within reason - for example we would have to set limits should someone decide to start using the server for file sharing. We have never previously had an issue with any of our customers.
Customers who need answers to technical questions before making their mind up are free to speak to our technical team to get some free advice.

Example Sites

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We will work round you

We are experts in upgrading sites from .co.uk to .uk with zero downtime and no loss of traffic.
What you are paying for is peace of mind that it will be done right and done right first time - plus we are super friendly and easy to speak to.

Free Chat

£0 No Charge
  • Free Advice
  • Questions Answered

Secure and Wait

  • Free Advice
  • Your .co.uk equivalent .uk secured
  • No change to site or emails

Full Site Upgrade

  • Free Advice
  • Your .co.uk equivalent .uk registered
  • Upgrade of site from .co.uk to .uk
  • Emails redirected to preferred option
  • SSL's redirected (if needed)
  • 1 Year Free hosting option
  • Post upgrade continued support

Upgrade Data For Corporates

  • Package of past upgrade data available for corporates who are thinking of upgrading
  • Google ranking data on past upgrades
  • Type of sites upgraded
  • Operating software of sites upgraded
  • Other data

What is Changing?

Tuesday, 12 May 2015 06:00 Misc
After 2 years of consultation between the board, politicians and its members, Nominet (the organisation behind .uk domain names) have decided that after almost 20 years of operating on the third level of the Internet, It will allow domain names to be sold on the second extension level.
This means that you no longer have to settle for the elongated .co.uk .org.uk .me.uk etc. you can now have a name which ends in the extremely impressive and simpler .uk
From a branding point of view, this is fantastic news for the UK Internet. It finally puts us on the same level as the .com .de and other major domain extensions across the globe. 
During the consultation about whether of not to release domain names on .uk, Nominet and its members decided upon several methods of how to release them. They knew that because yourname.co.uk would be confusingly similar to yourname.uk, It would be unfair to current users of .co.uk domain names / brands if the .uk domain was obtained by someone else. 
Therefore it was decided that because the .co.uk was the U.K's major internet platform and was significantly more populated and important to the economy than the .org.uk / .me.uk - its users would be given priority in deciding if they want to obtain the .uk equivalent of their .co.uk 
.co.uk registrants were therefore given a period of time in which they have a priority option of registering the .uk. After this period of time has expired, these names will be scheduled for release for anyone to purchase and use. 

Why Are They Moving To .uk?

Tuesday, 12 May 2015 05:59 Misc

.uk is a cleaner simpler version of the UK domain extensions that are currently available. In a technical sense there is no reasons for the .co in .co.uk, it simply serves no purpose.  From a branding point of view .co is worthless and dilutes your brand. 

Those that chose the option of .co.uk for their sites didn't do so because they wanted the .co ( it means nothing), they did so because it was the most important domain platform in the UK at that time. Times are changing and the .uk will be the primary domain platform in our opinion as many brands continue to move to it.
To be absolutely clear the .co.uk will not end, it will just become the second tier of the UK Internet as brands move to the top level which is the .uk.  Those that want to continue using the .co.uk can do so and their sites will continue to work indefinitely. 
Other domain name extensions such as the .com and .de (Germany) are already on the second level as are many other countries. Other countries are also moving to open up their second levels - Japan co.jp to .jp , New Zealand .co.nz to .nz and Australia are now considering the same move from .com.au to .au
Why are they moving now?
Around 2012 one of the larger registrars provided a survey that showed a desire by their customers for the option to move their sites up from .co.uk to .uk
This was then passed up to the organisation which administrates all domain names that end in .uk, they decided to consult its members on whether or not they should allow direct registrations under .uk
There were two main questions :-
1) Should organisations and people be able to register directly under .uk?
2) Who has the first rights to register the .uk domain name when they become available?
The answer to the first question was a positive yes, as most respondents would be happy to see .uk domain names become available. Respondents cited everything from that it looks better from a branding point of view, typing is easier on mobile devices and it is easier to remember for worldwide customers outside the UK. There were numerous other reasons but the overwhelming majority were positive to change to the new better .uk,  the release mechanism allowing registration of the new names had to be right.
The second question regarding who has first rights to purchase the .uk was the main issue. If Nominet didn't get this right, most said that they did not want to go ahead with .uk
With so many third level extensions (.co.uk .me.uk .org.uk etc) competing to register the .uk equivalent of their names, Nominet were never going to please everyone and In our opinion they got it right by giving first priority for a limited period of time to the current .co.uk holders.