Our Services

Tuesday, 12 May 2015 05:52 Misc
We don't really have a set list of services, but there are three main areas to our business.  Our philosophy revolves around the principle that we will work around our customers to provide the services that they require. If this means adjusting to custom made solutions for that individual situation then so be it and we will ensure we make it happen.
The three core services we provide are:
1) Full site upgrades from the .co.uk to the .uk.
2) Securing the .uk domain for .co.uk owners, without the upgrade.
3) Buying the .uk from .co.uk owners who are not interested in purchasing or redirecting to the .uk upgrade.
Other services which we offer surround the supporting of these core services. These include free hosting, free advice, web site checks, post upgrade support and much more.