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We will work round you

We are experts in upgrading sites from to .uk with zero downtime and no loss of traffic.
What you are paying for is peace of mind that it will be done right and done right first time - plus we are super friendly and easy to speak to.

Free Chat

£0 No Charge
  • Free Advice
  • Questions Answered

Secure and Wait

  • Free Advice
  • Your equivalent .uk secured
  • No change to site or emails

Full Site Upgrade

  • Free Advice
  • Your equivalent .uk registered
  • Upgrade of site from to .uk
  • Emails redirected to preferred option
  • SSL's redirected (if needed)
  • 1 Year Free hosting option
  • Post upgrade continued support

Upgrade Data For Corporates

  • Package of past upgrade data available for corporates who are thinking of upgrading
  • Google ranking data on past upgrades
  • Type of sites upgraded
  • Operating software of sites upgraded
  • Other data