Sell Your .uk To Us

Tuesday, 12 May 2015 05:54 Misc
Some people accuse us of showing too much faith in the .uk, as they believe it will never become the UK's top Internet platform. Of course they are entitled to their opinion, however it is really unfair to try and insinuate that we are in some way mis-selllig the importance of the .uk domain name to current owners.
We therefore will put our money where our mouth is and will buy the .uk version of your That's right, we will pay you for something that:
a) You never had before and has cost you nothing to obtain in the first place.
b)  You don't think will work and have no faith in,never though we have tried to convince you.
That's basically what some would call free money. Of course we do advise you that .uk will be the main trading platform in the future and advise you not to sell, but if you do want to take the free money option instead, see us buy worthless domain names and waste our money - then use the contact us to tell us what you have.