Stay On The - Secure The .uk

Tuesday, 12 May 2015 05:53 Misc
For some websites it may not be the right time to upgrade, therefore If we have a few things to check before recommending an upgrade to someone and if yours isn't right - we will say so.
In these circumstances we recommend that your website stays on but we secure the .uk for you. This ensures that no one  else can register it, therefore taking advantage of the rights earned by the owner. This then buys the owner extra time in which to make a decision.
A secondary benefit is that we will redirect the .uk domain to your current site, this option ensures all customers who type .uk at the end as opposed to will be automatically transferred to your site.  The same method would apply to all your email accounts too. This is basically a safety net for you to ensure that non of your customers or visitors fall through the cracks and meet that blank page.
We can register the .uk name for you and redirect it to the current site, there is no need for the web owners to lift a finger.