Free Hosting

Friday, 15 May 2015 02:14 Misc
We include with our upgrade package £150's worth of free hosting for the first hear. We don't have a preference about whether or not new customers choose to move their hosting to us or not. We have servers that run on both Windows and Linux.
There are many benefits to moving your website to our data centre. We have a long history of running our own servers. We provide 24 hour support and based right here in the UK. The servers are all less than a year old and more than capable of handling websites that we are currently upgrading. 
On the other hand our customers don't even need to move their sites onto our server if for any reason they prefer not to. We can complete the upgrade using the server they are presently operating from. 
The cost of moving the server ip's included in the £199 fee for upgrading to .uk. The offer includes unlimited data - within reason - for example we would have to set limits should someone decide to start using the server for file sharing. We have never previously had an issue with any of our customers.
Customers who need answers to technical questions before making their mind up are free to speak to our technical team to get some free advice.